Nima kimiai Resume

Nima kimiai Resume

توسط گروه مدیران پریمیوم

Consultant and lecturer of more than eighty well-known brands such as:

Hyundai, Subaru, Avazeh food industries, Farrahi Carpet Co., Mr. Carpet, Aisa Furniture s, Mehregan Transportation Group, Bani Mehregan Air Transportation, Mir Hosseini land transportation, Fara Gostar Electronic Co., Cedrus restaurant Group, Toli koolak, Vartaj distilates Group, Tajasom consulting engineers co, Sepahan Hamrah, Viona Registration Co., Ahmadvand Handmade Carpet, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Safir Language center, Sepid Nylon Co., Khalij e Fars Furniture centers, Pasargad, Caspian, Yek O Yek, Panberes, Yekta Advertising Center, Iranian Quality House, Doost e Khoob Business consulting Group, Paytakht Stone Co., Domino, East Cool, Tehran Oranoos Paint Co., Beta Farayand Shimi …

Lecturer of:

  • A to Z of organizational Success Chain
  • A to Z of success chain in organizations for agile modeling based on PEPI attitude
  • 13 Golden steps of market leadership
  • The principles and techniques of negotiation
  • Hypnosis Marketing and Sales
  • Biotech Product Branding based on PEPI attitude
  • Managers’ Achill’s Heel
  • A to Z of successful developing organizations
  • Power of speech and successful presentation techniques
  • Innovation in management and management games
  • PREMIUM Consultants Courses
  • Leadership in Sales and Marketing based on PEPI attitude
  • Body Language
  • Organizational strategy planning in unconventional situations
  • 3D Negotiation OR Three Dimensional Negotiations
  • Sales and Trade Negotiations
  • Black Negotiations OR Dark Negotiations
  • Improvement and personal development engineering
  • Organizational engineering in turning crisis into opportunity during recessions based on PEPI technology.
  • Sales Engineering
  • Negotiation Shortcuts
  • Marketing’s Domino
  • 4 way of success


  • CEO of PREMIUM Business Consultant Group
  • Author of “The winning card in negotiation” OR  Author of  “ The cutting
  • edge in negotiation”  OR Author of  “The Ace in negotiation”
  • Branding consultant and training of Iranians residing in foreign countries.
  • Lecturer of MBA courses in Mahan Educational Institute